Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Community - Part 1

Art from a word that used a crop from "Sorrow Becomes Dancing"

I read a comment yesterday that is rocking me... that I must ask Him about and take in:
"Part of being Native isn’t about garb and the romanticism but realizing your role in the Native community." (link)
My journey thus far hasn't been about garb or romanticism, but the part that hit me was about "realizing your role in the Native community." So much of my thinking in my journey (and my writing here) has been about myself. About me. I've longed for the community, but the focus has been on my own longing.

And, I have also felt very insecure about any chance of being recognized by any group of people as a Native. My friends are one thing, but I am far away on the other side of the earth. It's made the idea of being accepted as a Native by a community seem impossible. But as I've written here, God has been healing me of a lot of those fears, and I'm beginning to accept.

The article I took the quote from was written about Johnny Depp, who claims Native heritage (Creek, I think, but it's highly debated) and who was adopted by the Comanche nation. At the end of the article, the author states that it is wonderful and good to be adopted and to be a role model, but that means you have a role in the community. (The author is urging Depp to do more than claim, but instead to *act* and work for the welfare of Native Americans.)

A role.

In the community.

It hit me. Yes, He has awoken my heritage. My friends have accepted me, and He is going to bring about reunion with some of the people of my ancestors. I am thankful and I praise Him for that.

But it doesn't end there.

I have a part, a role, something to do. I must serve. I must give. I am part of a people, and I am being made into part of a community.

(God, why have I never felt this so deeply about a *church* community?)

This is powerful, deep and moving for me. I belong somewhere, and there I have a role to fill.

I will pray and ask Creator more about this.

****Community - Part 2****

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