Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Never Got To Call You "Uncle"

Dear Richard,

It has been a year since you went to be with Christ. I didn't get to know you on earth, but I have heard so much about you from your friends in the last year! God used you to change my life, and you had no idea!

You worked so hard standing for your people so many years, and I knew so little of you and your work. I read your book years ago, and only a few months before you walked on did I begin trying to connect with you again.

I wish I had gotten to meet and know you. But I know I'll get to meet you with Jesus, so I trust Him that this is how He knew was best. I got to know some of your friends, and they're just great people. Don't they say you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep? I guess that by knowing them I get to know a little of you.

I know they miss you so much. You left a huge hole in their hearts. I mourned for their loss and watched them remember you and celebrate your life together at a beautiful memorial service, live via internet.

God turned my life upside down through that! He said "welcome home" and awoke a part of my heart I never believed existed or could matter even if it did. He started making me more whole that day.

I have to confess I've felt a little weird about that timing! I mean, a part of me came to life when you walked on and those who loved you mourned. Part of me has felt more alive than I knew I ever could, and I can't help but rejoice.

I shared what happened to me with some of your friends, and they just surprised me by accepting it and accepting me. I've learned so much from them, and know I will learn so much more.

One of them told me that you would have gotten a kick out of how Creator connected me to them through your memorial service. I was glad to hear that! And actually, it meant a lot to me, more than I could have expected.

I didn't know you, but somehow in my year's journey into knowing my native heart, you've always been there like a father figure. I never got to call you "Uncle", but... but I don't know. Somehow that's what you have come to mean to me. Though others are mentoring me, somehow what you've left behind of yourself is there, too.

So I am walking the red road, the white path, the way Creator made for me. He used you to help me find this. Thank you for all you've done in loving service for Him, and for your people. I'm home because of Him, and because He used you.

Pilámayayelo, Wado!

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  1. It's been a year since Richard had his heart attack and walked on. I know he left a great hole in the hearts of all who knew him.

    I didn't get to know him, but God used him in such a way in my life that it is like he's been there in the background this whole last year.

    So I wrote this letter to him, from my heart, just to say thank you. Compared to how much he meant to others and how much he did for them, my thanks is very small, but I wanted to say it anyway.